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Center of Excellence Women and Science

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CEWS Resources

This page gives an overview of the structured information offering on the topic of gender equality in academia, regardless of whether you are searching for literature references, statistical data, web resources or legal regulations.

Except for Research Data, /femconsult and TOTAL E-QUALITY, all CEWS resources are in German only.


The section on statistics offers access to fundamental statistical data on women in science and research. Gender-specific statistics form the basis for analyses of gender equality in science and research. These statistics are also necessary for gender equality policy decision making.

Research Data

CEWS provides information and an overview of research data on gender relations and gender equality policy in science and research, which are already available at GESIS.


The platform documents ongoing and completed research projects in the field of “Women in science and research” in German-speaking countries.

Gender Equality Law

The gender equality law database offers an overview of the equal-opportunity-relevant regulations in the higher education act as well as of science-relevant provisions on equal opportunities at national and federal levels. 

Literature Database

The CEWS online literature database contains (open access) publications on gender studies with a focus on gender equality in science and research.


Here you will find useful links and internet resources, such as institutes, projects, networks or organizations, from the fields of science, politics, women and gender studies, the everyday working world and the labor market, from German speaking regions to European and international areas.


This online database is Europe's largest recruitment portal for women scientists. It provides up-to-date scientific profiles of more than 3,000 women experts from all professional fields and disciplines.


Institutions successfully striving towards and implementing equal opportunity measures in their personnel and institutional policies are recognized with the TOTAL E-QUALITY rating.
CEWS advises universities and research institutions in their application to obtain the TOTAL E-QUALITY award.