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Research Data On Gender Relations In Academia

Other data-providing institutions

Research data on higher education and science studies that are collected in higher education, science and education research and can be used for studies with a gender perspective can be found at the following institutions.

German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW)

The DZHW is currently setting up a research data center through which quantitative and qualitative surveys of the institute will be made available.

  • Topic: Research data for higher education and science research
  • Type & scope of research data: Quantitative and qualitative research data
  • Studies: Graduate, Student and PhD Panel & Social Survey
  • Basic information: Page in German and English, page under construction

INCHER International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel

Bavarian State Institute for Higher Education Research and Planning

Forschungsdatenzentrum Bildung

  • (no English website available)
  • Topics: Research data of educational research (especially student competence)
  • Type & scope of research data: Mainly qualitative research data
  • Basic information: Data access only with registration

Forschungsdatennetz für die Bildungsforschung