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Computational Social Science Winter Symposium

Posters and presentations, November 30 - December 1, 2016

Important dates
Submission of abstracts Sep 30, 2016
Notification of acceptanceOct 18, 2016

Submission instructions

Submissions should be 1-2 page abstracts (up to approx. 1000 words) summarizing the work to be presented.

Submissions will go through a peer review process. They will mainly be evaluated based on relevance and the potential to stimulate interesting discussions. We encourage researchers to also submit mature work that has already been published and/or to submit work-in-progress.

Aim and scope

We invite submissions that describe research results or tools and methods for computational social science.  Exemplary topics for submissions include but are not limited to:

  • Theories and models explaining the dynamics in social systems, networks, communities and teams
  • Studies of political discourse and spread of opinions, attitudes and information on the web
  • Studies of cultures and conflicts, segregation, discrimination, prejudice via new kinds of data
  • Social-/Computational aspects of health, life style, sports and diet
  • Social-/Computational aspects of human movement, mobility and urban planning
  • Mixed methods and techniques (e.g. obtrusive/unobtrusive methods)
  • Methods to deal with biased, selective and incomplete observational data on the Web
  • Tools that detect and prevent mobbing or depressive behavior online
  • Tools that support social scientists to capture, store and analyze social data on the Web
  • Methods for the design and execution of online experiments for the social sciences

Other related topics are explicitly welcome.


Based on the submitted abstracts, submissions may be accepted as posters and/or short presentations. The standard format will be a poster presentation. As this is a single track conference, only few submissions will be selected for short plenary presentations of approx. 10-15 minutes. Accepted submissions will be non-archival, i.e. there are no proceedings. We may however discuss options for publishing selected submissions after the conference (e.g. as a journal special issue or edited collection).