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Computational Social Science Winter Symposium

Application of Network Theory on Computational Social Science

Organizers: Fariba Karimi (GESIS) and Haiko Lietz (GESIS)


In recent years advances in collection and processing of massive datasets from web have brought great opportunities to examine many research questions in sociology such as formation of groups, spreading of information in social networks and evolution of social and epistemological networks.
In this workshop we intend to bring professors, postdocs and PhD students from computer science, physics, mathematics and social science background together to discuss current advances in these fields, address the above questions and establish possibilities for future collaboration.

Invited speakers :

* Stefan Bornholdt (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Bremen)

* Ingo Scholtes (Chair of systems design, ETH Zürich)

* Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad (Institute for Theoretical Biology, Humboldt University)

* Katharina Anna Zweig (Department of computer science, Kaiserslautern)

* Luis Rocha (Department of Mathematics at the University of Namur, Belgium)

Organizational Details:

Target audience: We invite interested participants from all disciplines and at all career stages specially early stage PhD student and postdocs.
Date and time: Dec 1st, 11:30-18:00
Location: GESIS Cologne, Room Ost