Getting to the Christmas market at Alter Markt

On November 30th we will have an informal evening event on the christmas market of the Cologne Old Town. It is the biggest and most traditional of Cologne’s Christmas markets and offers plenty of good food and the famous hot spiced wine. The cosy wooden booths stretch all the way from Alter Markt to Heumarkt, creating a wonderful fairytale world with their loving decorations and enchanting light effects.

We will organize guided tours from the conference venue and from Maternushaus to the christmas market:

TimeMeeting Point
18:10Komed (Venue)
18:30Komed (Venue)
18:45Maternushaus (Hotel)

If you want to get to the christmas market on your own:

TimeMeeting Point
19:00hearts-decorated tree (Christmas market)

 Map of the Cologne Old Town Christmas Market - the tree is the meeting point!