Data Services

How do the Data Services work?

Within the framework of the Data Services, GESIS offers services related to quantitative social science survey data after the collection process. The Data Services have been designed as a modular system and offer you the option of booking, as required, only individual services or entire service packages.

We offer three different service packages for the preservation of data. 

You can find out about the archiving options that we offer here: Data Preservation


An individual service is a specifiable service within the framework of the above-mentioned six areas. For example, "Documentation at Study Level" is an individual service in Area VI. Data Documentation.

The various individual services may be freely combined – provided this is meaningfully possible. 

Yes, in principle. 

However, some individual services are tied to prerequisites or to other individual services. For example, the prerequisite for data provision is that the data be archived with GESIS. The provision of data for online analysis presupposes, in addition, that the data have been documented at variable level. This documentation can either be booked as a data service or prepared independently by the data depositor according to archive guidelines.

Service packages are combinations of individual services that are regularly requested by our users. There are seven service packages:

  1. Archiving BASIC
  2. Archiving PLUS
  3. Archiving PREMIUM
  4. Checking of Survey Data
  5. Documentation of Survey Data
  6. Cumulation/Integration of Datasets
  7. Linking with Context Data

All service packages can be customized by adding or removing one or more individual services.

The Data Services are targeted at all those who (wish to) generate, prepare, document, enrich, and preserve social science survey data.

If you are interested in using our Data Services, we will be happy to give you a quotation. This involves a number of steps: 

  1. Find out more about our service portfolio on our website or in our Services Catalog  (4.79 MB)(1.9 MB).
  2. Make a note of the services that are of interest to you, so that you can select them later when filling in the contact form.
  3. Once you have made a satisfactory selection, you can request a non-binding quotation from us. To prepare a quotation, we will need further information about your data. You can transmit this information to us via the contact form
  4. On the basis of this information, we will promptly provide you with a non-binding quotation.
  5. If you accept our quotation, a service contract will be concluded between you and GESIS. 

***A binding contract will not come into existence by selecting service packages or individual services on the website and requesting a non-binding quotation. A binding contract between you and GESIS will be concluded only when you actively accept the quotation.***

The Data Services are offered in three different price categories. The price category to which the respective service belongs is indicated with the help of an icon.

The price categories are as follows:

Price Category 0: Cost-free services


Price Category 1: Fixed-price services


Price Category 2: Services whose workload depends on the data submitted and/or that can be carried out in different variations. Thus, different workloads arise. Please contact us to obtain an individual calculation for your data and your service requirements.

Price on request

To contact GESIS Data Services, 

please use our contact form.