Data Services

Linking with Context Data                      Price on request

Overview of our services:

  • Enrichment of your survey data with context data (e.g., georeferenced data)
  • Search for suitable data to extend your survey data
  • Development of a concept for harmonizing and linking your survey data with the desired context data at different levels of aggregation
  • Execution of the linking
  • Documentation of the linking
  • Provision of the expanded dataset and the accompanying scripts
  • Linking of survey data with context data across the following regional units:
    • Municipalities
    • Districts and cities with the status of a district
    • Constituencies
    • Spatial planning regions
  • Additional service: Geocoding of survey data

Note: This individual service corresponds to the service package Linking with Context Data.

Your key advantages:

Substantively enriched dataset linked with the desired context data

Increased connectivity of your data with other data (types)

Improved possibilities of analyzing your data