Data Services

Documentation at Variable Level            Price on request

Overview of our services:

  • Preparation of a high quality, qualified documentation at variable level
  • Linking of the dataset with the survey instrument, supplemented with the following additional information:
    • methodological information
    • processual information
    • archival information
  • Documentation in accordance with an international standard for social science data: DDI (Data Documentation Initiative)
  • Choice of different versions:
    • basic documentation at variable level (linking of the metadata of the dataset with the survey instrument)
      • as an XML file for import into the desired DDI system
      • as a PDF file as accompanying material to your study
    • comprehensive documentation at variable level (linking of the data and the metadata with the survey instrument; additionally comprises showcards and analysis tables)
      • as a PDF file as particularly detailed and illustrative accompanying information to your study
      • as online documentation of your data in the online analysis portal ZACAT (see also Individual Service II.4 Provision of Data for Online Analysis) 

Note: This documentation is the basis for publication in the online analysis portal ZACAT.

Your key advantages:




Linking of dataset and question items

Diverse possibilities of publishing the documentation

Enhanced quality of your study documentation