Data Services

Digital Preservation of Data in the Social Sciences

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Long-term digital preservation …

  • is an important part of open data;
  • ensures the long-term maintenance of access to and usability of research data;
  • enables the replication of research results across technological and cultural change. 


Training content:

  • Introduction to long-term digital preservation
  • Development of institutional guidelines ("digital preservation policies")
  • Licensing of research data for reuse
  • Introduction to specific topics of long-term digital preservation, for example the OAIS Reference Model or the certification of repositories

Your key advantages:


Fundamental understanding of the topic


Good scientific practice is ensured.

Use of standards

Long-term preserved and readable data and accompanying documents

General information on training courses:

The specific content of the training courses will be individually coordinated with you. We offer both general introductions and specific training courses on individual aspects.

The duration of a course varies, as necessary, between two and three hours and several days.

Target groups of the training courses are (junior) researchers in the social sciences and employees at social science archives and research data centers. Group size should be between 10 and 20 participants.