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Data Services

What is research data management?

Research data management...

  • is an integral part of good scientific practice
  • facilitates the structured processing of your research data
  • increases transparency in the research process
  • increases the replicability of research data and research results from your institution
  • allows you to efficiently and securely comply with funding agencies' requirements for open data and the principles of FAIR data.

On the following pages you will find comprehensive information on research data management (RDM), a guide to publishing your data with us and further resources on specific RDM topics.

On this page you will find a lot of information about RDM in Germany (in German), e.g. also contact persons in your federal state.

This guide from our partner CESSDA gives a comprehensive overview of important RDM topics.

Find out here how to prepare and submit your data at GESIS.

We have compiled further sources for you here, which you can use to read up on individual RDM topics in greater depth.​