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Data Services

Research Data Management (RDM) Training

Let us train you to manage your social science research data - online or on-site.

Who are our training courses for?

  • Research institutions, projects, consortia in German-speaking countries that conduct research with quantitative social science data
  • Researchers who want to archive their data and make it available to third parties for subsequent use
  • Perfect for groups at the beginning of doctoral projects or at the beginning of a project to think about RDM right from the start

The goals of our training courses are...

  • To support researchers in the (legally compliant) implementation of their empirical research projects.
  • Support researchers in making research data available in accordance with the FAIR data principles and the requirements of e.g. funding agencies and academic journals.
  • Promoting the sharing and re-use of research data, in line with the idea of open science.


Contents of your training can be...

  • General introduction to research data management and its essential topics
  • Processing of research data​
  • Documentation and metadata
  • Organisation of research data in the course of a project
  • Data protection and research (informed consent and anonymisation)​
  • Sharing data with third parties and copyright of research materials


Our prices vary according to scope and content and will be discussed with you in advance. 



Get an idea of our training content in our collection of slides: ​