Data Services

Linking with Context Data                                        Price on request

Overview of our services:

  • Enrichment of your survey data with context data (e.g., georeferenced data)
  • Search for suitable data to extend your survey data
  • Development of a concept for harmonizing and linking your survey data with the desired context data at different levels of aggregation
  • Execution of the linking
  • Documentation of the linking
  • Provision of the expanded dataset and the accompanying scripts
  • Linking of survey data with context data across the following regional units:
    • Municipalities
    • Districts and cities with the status of a district
    • Constituencies
    • Spatial planning regions
  • Additional service: Geocoding of survey data

Note: This service package corresponds to the individual service Linking with Context Data.

Your key advantages: 

Substantively enriched dataset linked with the desired context data

Increased connectivity of your data with other data (types) (by means of geographic coordinates)

Improved possibilities of analyzing your data

Includes the following individual services:

Linking with Context Data