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Data Services

Share research data

You want to share your research data with third parties. Here you will find information about our service packages, through which the data can be published. The How-to Guide provides an initial introduction.

We make your data FAIR via the three service packages Archiving BASIS, PLUS and PREMIUM. The packages differ according to the level of quality assurance of data and documents.

In all packages, your data is described in a standardized way, preserve for the long term, provided with a permanent identifier (DOI), and can be easily found and reused thanks to browser-optimized catalogs.

Archiving BASIS

Free storage (bitstream preservation) and publication of your data via our repository

How-to Guide Data Sharing

Instructions for data depositors - procedure for securing, documenting and publishing your data 

Archiving PLUS

Chargeable storage (long-term digital preservation), description and publication of your data 

Archiving PREMIUM

Chargeable storage (long-term digital preservation), quality assurance, description and publication of your data