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Data Services

Archiving PLUS

1560,75 € (+ VAT)

Our services at a glance

Ingest check PLUS

  • Ingest check PLUS (Overview)
  • Additionally
    • Matching questionnaire/code schema with variables in the data set 
    • Check of variable and value labels
    • Check of missing values
    • If applicable, technical format migration based on list of recommended formats 

Long-term digital preservation

  • Long-term storage of your data 
  • Assuring of the readability and long-term usability of your data by means of format conversion 
  • Making your data available: at anytime and anywhere 

Documentation on study level

  • Preparation of a high quality, qualified study description 
  • Use of the international standard DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) 
  • Bilingualism: German, English 
  • Making the study description available  in various formats: 
    • online in the desired portal 
    • as XML file for import into databases 

Data download

  • Publication and making your data and associated documents available for downloading 
Preparing for Archiving PLUS: How-to Guide Data Sharing