Sharing Research Data: How-to

In this guide you will learn how to publish your data and related documents on GESIS and how to share them with third parties. 

Your data, documents, and information describing the data (metadata) form a package. This package is the basis for the long-term preservation of your data and its publication. 

To share your data, you can choose from three service packages (BASIS, PLUS and PREMIUM) and various access paths. These differ in scope and price. 

  Archiving BASIS Archiving PLUS Archiving PREMIUM
Data input control BASIS PLUS PREMIUM
Study description Self-description Description by GESIS Description by GESIS
Preservation Bitstream Preservation
Conversion of files into preferred formats
Long-term storage Long-term storage
Quality check
Documentation on variable level
Access Download Download Download
Persistent Identifier DOI DOI DOI

We also offer services that enable you to ensure and improve the quality of your data. Quality assurance, documentation on variable level, cumulation or linking with context data are possible. 

All steps and contents explained here are part of the contractual agreement with GESIS for the publication of your data.