On these pages, we provide an overview of the national and state election studies that are available from the Research Data Center Elections.

All data products are provided in diverse and easy to use versions. They are available to anyone with a scientific interest. Details concerning the design and field work are documented in methodological reports.

  • Politbarometer 2018 available (ZA7492)
  • ISI 60 celebrating 40 years of Politbarometer available (most articles in German)
  • Overall cumulation of Politbarometer (1977-2016; ZA5100) available.
  • Quick survey on the federal elections 2017 (ZA6951) available.
  • New data on German State Elections published (DBK): Bavaria 2018 (ZA7566), Hesse 2018 (ZA7567)
  • ARD-DeutschlandTrend now available from 1998 onwards (DBK).
  • Surveys in charge of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government available here.

International data can be obtained via the page International Election Studies or the Research Data Center International Survey Programmes.