New data: TV Debate Analysis (GLES 2017)

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TV Debate Analysis (GLES 2017), version 1.0.0, (ZA6810-ZA6813 and ZA6829-ZA6831) is available.

On our homepage you will find a link to the Data Catalogue, where you can download the data. Alternatively you can use the direct link.

Direct links:
ZA6810: Survey
ZA6811: Content Analysis TV Debate
ZA6812: Real-Time-Response Data TV Debate (Dial)
ZA6813: Real-Time-Response Data TV Debate (Push Button)

ZA6829: Content Analysis Fünfkampf
ZA6830: Real-Time-Response Data Fünfkampf (Dial)
ZA6831: Real-Time-Response Data Fünfkampf (Push Button)

Categories: GLES