Central & Eastern Eurobarometer 1    January-December 1990     ZA No. 2493

Public Opinion in Central and Eastern Europe

Special Topics

  • Evaluation of the democratic and economic reforms
  • Perception of Europe and the European Community
  • Use of national and western media

Documents and Data


  • Original data set and documentation supplied by ZEUS (Center for European Survey Analysis and Studies at the University of Mannheim)
  • The surveys conducted in the framework of CEEB 1 were still only loosely coordinated and the data subsequently integrated by the archive. The original single country surveys are available on individual request under ZA study numbers 2252 to 2260 (see: Data Holdings Catalogue).
  • Last updated archive edition as of May 21, 2004


  • Jürgen Hofrichter and Ingrid Weller (ZEUS): Central and Eastern Eurobarometer 1. Report on behalf of "Surveys, Research, Analyses" Unit, Directorate X "Audiovisual, Information, Communication, Culture" of the Commission of the European Community. November 1991.