Eurobarometer 44.0     October-November 1995     ZA No.  2689

Cancer, Education Issues, and the Single European Currency

Special Topics

  • Attitudes towards the Single European Currency
  • The risk and the prevention of cancer
  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • Trust in people from other countries
  • The image of Germany in Europe
  • Attitudes towards Education and Training throughout life
  • New demographic patterns and family planning in Europe
  • Attitudes towards a federal organization of the European Union

Documents and Data


  • See basic survey 44.1 for the more comprehensive set of standard trend questions.
  • For the analysis of data related to questions on "education and training throughout life" and "children's education at school" (Q.42 to Q.68) an additional youth oversample is available in the framework of Eurobarometer 44.1. For the target group of young people aged 15 to 24 and specific needs of this questionnaire topic, one should combine the 44.0 data with the corresponding 44.1 oversample data.
  • Questions on attitudes towards the Single European Currency (Q.4 and Q.7 to Q.19) are repeated in Eurobarometer 44.1 and should be analysed in combination.
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.0.1 (2012)
  • Errata
    • RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION is documented as "Orthodox" for code '3' in the original Eurobarometer codebooks and basic questionnaires starting with survey number 32. This is not correct in the case of the NETHERLANDS. Dutch respondents have been asked for the Protestant section "Gereformeerd" in the place of "Orthodox". Corrected in the ZA codebooks for deliveries after March 9, 2000.

    • The categories '2' and '3' for the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP item (good thing / bad thing) have been inverted in the ZA CODEBOOK documentation. Corrected ZA codebook deliveries after March 20, 2000.
    • The OCCUPATION variables V601 (D.15a) and V607 (D.21a) are not correctly documented in the ZA codebook: the answer categories do not correspond to the data. A corrected data set and codebook edition including the adaptation to the standard coding for D.15a and D.21a is available after June 27, 2000 (2nd ZA codebook edition).


  • European Commission: EUROBAROMETER 44. Public Opinion in the European Community. Brussels, Spring 1996.
  • European Commission Europeans and their Attitudes to Education and Training. Brussels, 1997.
  • European Commission: European Citizens and the EURO, Brussels, 1996 (Results of two EU-wide opinion polls carried out 15 Oct-15 Dec and 16 Dec-20 Dec on behalf of the European Commission Survey Research Unit "Eurobarometer Opinion Polls". 22-24 January 1996. Round table on the Euro. Executive summary. Press release.) (also available in French and German)