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Eurobarometer contacts and communication

Please don't hesitate to contact any of the the following institutions, whenever you might need additional information or clarification, always in accordance with to the institution's role and responsibility in the Eurobarometer context.

  • European Commission - principal investigator issues (e.g. survey design and question programme, survey reporting, embargo provisions ...)
  • Fieldwork institutes - survey implementation and coordination issues
  • GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (Germany) - archive data service issues, data processing and data documentation, errata, bibliographic information etc.  
  • ICPSR (USA) - archive data service issues, data processing and data documentation 
  • Other Social Science Data Archives - local archive support in other countries
  • A relevant research community can be addressed through the Eurobarometer mailing list 

The European Commission, almost from the start in the 1970s, is kindly granting open access to Eurobarometer primary (micro) data through the Social Science Data Archives, summing up to a stock of some 600 cross-country studies in the GESIS data catalogue. 

For information on principal investigator issues (e.g. survey design, question program ...) or requests regarding the official Eurobarometer reports or tabular volumes of aggregated results, please contact the European Commission, Directorate General Communication, COMM.A.3.: Media Monitoring, Media Analysis and Eurobarometer.


European Commission
B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussel

ContactMaria Letizia ALBERGATI (Head of the COMM.A.3 unit)
David VOIDIES (Head of the Eurobarometer sector)
Phone(32.2) 299.11.11 (Commission Switchboard)
Fax (32.2) 298.04.11

Eurobarometer surveys are currently implemented for the European Commission by: 

Standard & special topic Eurobarometer
(Eurobarometer 62.0 ff.)


Flash and target group Eurobarometer
(Flash Eurobarometer 331 ff.)

AddressKantar Public Brussels
Rue Du Marais 49-53
1000 Brussels
 Kantar TNS
Political and Social


Lavinia Deaconu
Operations Director



Dr. Michelle Harrison
Global Head


Phone +32 2 6617200 +44 207 656 5739


 Kantar TNS - Political and Social


Eurobarometer data service at GESIS

For requests concerning the access to Eurobarometer primary data and related documentation (e.g. questionnaires) for re-analysis in the context of social science research or training, please contact the GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences (formerly GESIS-ZA / Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung). We especially appreciate any feedback on:

  • irregularities which might be discovered when using data and/or documentation
  • research results and related publications of any kind based on Eurobarometer data
GESIS LogoLeibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Data Archive for the Social Sciences (DAS)


Travel Info

Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8
50667 Köln (Cologne)


Dr. Boris Heizmann and Serap Firat
Phone+49 (0)221 47694 486
Fax (central)+49 (0)221 47694 199
E-Mail eurobarometer-dataservice(at)gesis(dot)org
Eurobarometer Data Service


Eurobarometer Archive Data Service 2005 -2015. Table linked to pdf. (59 kB)

Since the mid 1970s (0.93 MB) and until 1992 the Eurobarometer data processing and variable documentation on part of the social science data archives was handled by ICPSR. This applies to Standard and Special Eurobarometer up to wave 33. With the subsequent commencement of a cooperative agreement between ICPSR and GESIS (at that time GESIS-ZA, Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung) responsibilties were shared. Both archives are providing identical data sets, notwithstanding different archive study identification numbers.

At ICPSR member institutions Standard and Special Eurobarometer, Candidate Countries and Central & Eastern Eurobarometer are available online through ICPSR DIRECT. For more information on Eurobarometer data access at ICPSR member institutions you might contact your local official representative or ICPSR directly:

ICPSR logo 
  Postal AddressThe University of Michigan
Ann Arbor
P.O. Box 1248
Michigan 48106-1248


Michael Shove
Director, Curation Services
  Phone(001) 734-647-2200
  Fax(001) 734-647-8700
  E-Mail help(at)icpsr.umich(dot)edu

If preferred, users might order Eurobarometer data via one of the CESSDA or IFDO data archives in their respective home country, or might ask their staff for for local support. Members of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research or researcher at member institutes have privileged access through the ICPSR data service (ICPSRDirect).

The following archives offer support for international access to Eurobarometer data:

ADP - Arhiv Druzboslovnih Podatkov  SloveniaWWWe-mail
ASSDA - Australian Social Science Data Archive AustraliaWWWe-mail
BASS - Belgium Archives for Social Sciences  Belgiumdiscontinued
DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services (formerly Steinmetz / NIWI)  NetherlandsWWWe-mail
DDA - Dansk Data Arkiv DenmarkWWWe-mail
ESTA - Estonian Social Science Data Archive (formerly ESSDA) EstoniaWWWe-mail
FORS-DARIS - Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences - Data and Research Information Services (until 2007 SIDOS) SwitzerlandWWW e-mail
FSD - Finnish Social Science Data Archive FinlandWWWe-mail
ISSDA - Irish Social Science Data Archive IrelandWWWe-mail
NSD - Norwegian Social Science Data Services NorwayWWWe-mail
PROGEDO - Réseau Quetelet (formerly CDSP)  France WWW e-mail
SADA - South African Data Archive South AfricaWWWe-mail
SND - Swedish National Data Service (formerly SSD) SwedenWWWe-mail
So.Da.Net - Social Data Network  (formerly EKKE)  GreeceWWW
TARKI - The Tárki Data Archive  HungaryWWWe-mail
UK DATA SERVICE (formerly UK-DA) U.K.WWWe-mail
Unidata – Bicocca Data Archive (formerly ADPSS-Sociodata Archive) Italy


WISDOM - Wiener Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Dokumentation und Methodik Austria

(new service forthcoming)

ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) provides a mailing list in agreement with GESIS, in order to provide a venue for researchers to interact with each other and to increase communication between the archives and the Eurobarometer user community. The technical administration of this list is undertaken exclusively by the ICPSR.

The Mailing List is not moderated and its value depends on the use made of it by the participants. In particular Eurobarometer related archive news is regularly circulated through the list, e.g. annoucements on new data releases.

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