Legitimacy of Democracy or Dictatorship

Here are three opinions about political systems. Which one comes closest to your own way of thinking?

  • Democracy is the best political system in all circumstances.
  • In certain circumstances a dictatorship could be a good thing [47.1: ...can be preferable to democracy)].
  • Whether we live [47.1: Living...] in a democracy or under a dictatorship makes no difference to people like me.
ZA Study Number Eurobarometer Fieldwork Month Fieldwork Year Question Number Variable Name (1)
1715 30 10-11 1988 Q.165 V122
2141 37.0 3-4 1992 Q.8 V27
2936 47.1 3-4 1997 Q.45 V313

 (1) Please note that the variable names refer to the final ICPSR/ZA codebook editions, if available.