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European Union enlargement: approval of new member countries

Eurobarometer 6:
Here is a list of countries that belong to the Common Market now. Are there any other countries in Europe that you would like to see joining the Common Market in the near future? Which ones?

Eurobarometer 8 and 10:
Three European countries: Greece, Portugal and Spain (Three countries from Southern Europe, one of which is (APPLICANT COUNTRY)) have recently asked to join the European Community (Common Market). In your opinion, would the entry of (APPLICANT COUNTRY) in the European Community be a good thing, a bad thing, or neither a good nor a bad thing for (COUNTRY OF RESPONDENT)?

Eurobarometer 11:
Three Southern European countries - Greece, Portugal and Spain - are now being considered for membership of the European Community. Which of those do you think should be allowed to join the European Community - or do you think none of them should be allowed to join?

Eurobarometer 13 and 14:
Greece is due to join the European Community on the 1st January 1981. Is the entry of Greece into the European Community a good thing, a bad thing, or neither a good nor a bad thing?

Eurobarometer 23:
Two countries have recently asked to join the European Community ... Thinking about (APPLICANT COUNTRY) joining the European Community, are you strongly for, somewhat for, somewhat against or strongly against?
Follow-up question: If SPAIN joins the European Community ... good thing, bad thing, neither good nor bad for ... the future of Spain / the future of the enlarged EC / the (COUNTRY OF RESPONDENT) in particular? 

Eurobarometer 30:
It is suggested that the European Community be expanded to include Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. In your opinion, which of these countries should be admitted to the European Community?

Eurobarometer 37.0 ff.:
For each of the following countries, are you in favour or not of them becoming part of the European Community, in the near future?

Eurobarometer 48.0 ff.:
(Several countries have applied to become member of the European Union.) For each of the following countries (or territories), are you in favour or against it becoming part of the European Union (in the future).

Please notice that scope and number of countries prompted in each survey varies over time.

ZA Study Number Eurobarometer Fieldwork Month Fieldwork Year Question Number Variable Name (1)
09906 11 1976 Q.142 V41-V47
09928 10-11 1977 Q.126-128 V23-V25
099410 10-11 1978 Q.172 V82-V83
103611 4 1979 Q.227 V100-V102
103813 4 1980 Q.147 V54
103914 10-11 1980 Q.130
V24 (V65-V75)
154123 3-4 1985 Q.250/252 V133-V137
154325 3-4 1986 Q.249(2)V268
171530 10-11 1988 Q.451 V572-V579
175031 3-4 1989 Q.477 V475
214137.0 3-4 1992 Q.65 V417-V425
229438.0 9-10 1992 Q.23(3)V189-V231
234639.0 3-4 1993 Q.33 V147-V155
256342 11-12 1994 Q.37 V124-V134
282844.2bis 2 1996 Q.22 V128-V151
293647.1 3-4 1997 Q.20 V121-V137
295948.0 10-11 1997 Q.35 V259-V269
305249 4-5 1998 Q.27 V184-V194
308550.0 10-11 1998 Q.38 V243-V254
317151.0 3-4 1999 Q.24 V218-V232 
320452.0 10-11 1999 Q.36 V555-V569
329653 4-5 2000 Q.37 V217-V231 
338754.1 11-12 2000 Q.36 V205-V223
350955.0 5-6 2001 Q.7/Q.8(4) V158-V205 
362756.2 10-11 2001 Q.42 V248-V268
363957.1 3-5 2002 Q.36 V235-V255 
369358.110-11 2002 Q.41 V223-V243 
441163.4 5-6 2005 QB2V274-V285 
441464.2 10-11 2005 QA44V306-V317 
450665.2 3-5 2006 QD16(5)V3262-V3267 
452666.1 9-10 2006 QA33V245-V257 
474469.2   3-5 2008 QA44

(1) Please note that the variable names refer to the final ICPSR/ZA codebook editions, if available.

(2) Different question (TURKEY only): Supposing Turkey asked to be admitted as a member country of the European Community (Common Market), wahet would be your opinion? Would you be ... 1) very favourable; 2) favourable; 3) opposed; 4) very much opposed; 5) indifferent?

(3) Different question (43 countries): If you had the choice, which countries do you think should be part of the European Community in the year 2000?

(4) Different question: Which three of these countries do you think should be the first to join the European Union? And which countries should not join the European Union?

(5) Different question: Once each of the following countries complies with all conditions set by the European Union, would you be strongly in favour, fairly in fairly, fairly opposed or strongly opposed to the accession of each of them to the European Union?