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Personal perception of general threats

Here is a list of things that some people say they are afraid of. For each of these, please tell me if, personally, you are afraid of it or not?

  • A world war (see also former trend: World War probability)
  • A nuclear conflict in Europe
  • A conventional war in Europe (not nuclear, bacteriological or chemical)
  • The accidental launch of a nuclear missile
  • An accident in a nuclear power station
  • Spread of nuclear, bacteriological or chemical weapons of mass destruction
  • Ethnic conflicts in Europe
  • Terrorism / EB 58ff: International terrorism
  • Organised crime
  • Epidemics
ZA Study Number Eurobarometer Fieldwork Month Fieldwork Year Question Number Variable Name (1)
338754.1 11-12 2000 Q.52 
362756.2 10-11 2001 Q.35  
363957.1 3-5 2002 Q.7  
369358.1 10-11 2002 Q.29  
390459.1 3-4 2003 Q.6  

(1) Please note that the variable names refer to the final ICPSR/ZA codebook editions, if available.