Candidate Countries EB 2001.1     October 2001     ZA No. 3978

Life in the Candidate Countries, Attachment to Nationality and Identification with Europe, Contact with Other Countries and Cultures, and European Union Enlargement


  • Life in the candidate countries
  • Knowledge of languages
  • Contacts with other countries and cultures
  • National and European identity
  • Political participation trust in institutions
  • Attitudes towards and information about the EU
  • Attitudes towards and knowledge about enlargement process
  • Information media access

Documents and Data


  • Fieldwork coordination and dataset integration by GALLUP EUROPE
  • Comparable data for the EU member countries are available in the context of Standard Eurobarometer 55.1 (ZA3507) and 56.2 (ZA3627).  
  • Last update: January 26, 2006


  • European Commission: Applicant Countries Eurobarometer 2001. Public Opinion in the countries applying for European Union membership. Brussels, March 2002.