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Candidate Countries EB 2003.1YouthOVR     March-May 2003     ZA No. 3982

Youth in New Europe


  • Living arrangements, activities and organisational membership
  • Social participation
  • Contacts with other countries and cultures
  • Knowledge of languages
  • Attitudes towards foreigners
  • Social and political attitudes
  • Employment and financial situation
  • Information media use
  • Awareness of and attitudes towards the EU
  • The "Youth Programme" of the EU

Documents and Data:


  • Fieldwork coordination and dataset integration by GALLUP EUROPE
  • Comparable data are available in the context of Standard Eurobarometer 55.1OVR (ZA3693).
  • Last update: January 26, 2006
  • Special Youth Sample (year of birth 1978-1988)  
  • Errata: Country specific categories for available revenues (Q41) are not documented.


  • The Gallup organisation, Hungary: Eurobarometer 2003.1. Public Opinion in the candidate countries. Youth in New Europe. Survey requested by the European Commission Directorate General Education and Culture and coordinated by the Directorate General Press and Communication. July 2003.