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Candidate Countries EB 2003.2     May 2003     ZA No. 3983


  • Life in the candidate countries
  • Contacts with other countries and cultures
  • National and European identity
  • Political participation and trust in institutions
  • Attitudes towards and information about the EU
  • Attitudes towards and knowledge about enlargement process
  • Support of EU membership in the candidate countries
  • Attitudes towards EU policies
  • Common foreign and security policy
  • European elections
  • The EU institutions
  • The future of Europe
  • Attitudes towards foreigners

Documents and Data:


  • Fieldwork coordination and dataset integration by GALLUP EUROPE 
  • Comparable data are available in the context of Standard Eurobarometer 58.1 (ZA3693).
  • Last update: January 26, 2006


  • Gallup International Hungary: Eurobarometer CC-EB 2003.2. Full report. Survey requested and coordinated by the Directorate General Press and Communication. July 2003.
  • Gallup International Hungary: Eurobarometer Eurobarometer CC-EB 2003.2 EUMC. Minorities and Immigrants in the Candidate Countries. Survey requested by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia and coordinated by the Directorate General Press and Communication. September 2003