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Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer 15     March - April 1981     ZA No.  1206

Membership in the European Community

Special Topics:

  • Attitudes towards the European Community
  • Interest in television (viewing habits)
  • Interest in French culture

Documents and Data:


  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.1.0 (2012)
  • Errata:
    • The codebook documentation of the question text for the VOTE INTENTION variable is not correct for Italy. Question wording for ITALY (ONLY) is: "Do you feel closer to any one of the parties on the following list than all the others? IF YES: Which one?" Corrected for ZA deliveries after March 15, 1999.
    • In the REGION (of interview) variable, codes 4 and 5 for France are inverted. Code 4 should read "Paris Region" and code 5 should read "Paris Basin". Corrected for ZA deliveries after March 15, 1999.


  • Commission of the European Communities: Euro-Barometer 15. Brussels, June 1981.