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Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer 34.1     October-November 1990     ZA No.  1961

Health Problems

Special Topics:

  • Serious health problems (including AIDS)
  • Smoking habits and attitudes towards cancer
  • Attitudes towards alcoholism, drugs and drug addiction (including personal alcohol consumption)
  • Occupational and domestic (household duties) patterns

Documents and Data:


  • Questions on "occupational and domestic patterns" (TR.1 to TR.29) are repeated from Eurobarometer 34.0 but only put to female respondents aged 22 to 60 years. Meaningful results are obtained for the total population on the 34.0 data; for the target group of women and specific needs of this questionnaire topic, one should combine the 34.1 sub sample with the corresponding 34.0 data.
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.0.1 (2012)
  • Errata:
    • RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION is documented as "Orthodox" for code '3' in the original Eurobarometer codebooks and basic questionnaires starting with survey number 32. This is not correct in the case of the NETHERLANDS. Dutch respondents have been asked for the Protestant section "Gereformeerd" in the place of "Orthodox". Corrected in the ZA codebooks for deliveries after March 16, 1999.
    • SIZE OF COMMUNITY has not been documented correctly in the case of GREECE. The correct categories (value labels) for Greece are: 01.  up to 2.000 inhabitants; 02.  2.001 - 10.000 inhabitants; 03.  10.001 - 50.000 inhabitants; 04.  50.001 - 1.000.000 inhabitants; 05.  1.000.001 and more inhabitants. Current ZA deliveries contain the correct documentation.
    • Starting with Eurobarometer 34 and up to survey 61, NUTS 1 level data (REGION II) for the NETHERLANDS are not (re-)coded in accordance with the official EUROSTAT nomenclature of territorial unit statistics. The NUTS 2 level province ZEELAND should be coded as belonging to NUTS 1 region (landsdel) WEST instead of SOUTH Netherlands. (ZA editions will be corrected from EB 53 onwards, November 11, 2005)


  • Commission of the European Communities: Family and Employment within the Twelve - Special edition of the Eurobarometer
    (Famille et emploi dans l'Europe des douze). Brussels, December 1991