Eurobarometer 39.0     March-April 1993     ZA No.  2346

European Community Policies and Family Life

Special Topics

  • Attitudes towards and knowledge about the European integration
  • The European Parliament and the European Elections 1994
  • Trust in people from other countries
  • The image of Germany in Europe
  • Attitudes towards immigrants
  • Attitudes towards partnership and children education in the family

Documents and Data


  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.1.0 (2012)
  • Errata
    • SIZE OF COMMUNITY has not been documented correctly in the case of GREECE. The correct categories (value labels) for Greece are: 01.  up to 2.000 inhabitants; 02.  2.001 - 10.000 inhabitants; 03.  10.001 - 50.000 inhabitants; 04.  50.001 - 1.000.000 inhabitants; 05.  1.000.001 and more inhabitants. Current ZA deliveries contain the correct documentation. The original INRA codebook and SPSS documentation for categories '04' and '05' is erroneous. 
    • In the 1st and 2nd ICPSR editions the WEIGHTING variable for Finland (V17) was erroneously coded ZERO for all cases, i.e. the Finish sample will "disappear" instead of being weighted. The corrected 3rd ICPSR edition is distributed since March 1997.
    • In the 1st and 2nd ICPSR editions the variable labels for Q.39 have to be corrected as follows:
                       / V168 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - MEETING"
                       / V169 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - DISCUSSION"
                       / V170 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - DAILY NEWSPAPERS"
                       / V171 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - OTHER PAPERS"
                       / V172 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - BOOKS BROCHURES"
                       / V173 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - EC NOTICE BOARDS"
                       / V174 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - EC OFFICE"
                       / V175 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - GOVERNMENT OFFICE"
                       / V176 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - TRADE UNION/PROF AS"
                       / V177 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - OTHER ORGANIZATION"
                       / V178 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - NEVER LOOK FOR"
                       / V179 "Q39 EC INFO SOURCE - DK"
      The corrected 3rd ICPSR edition is distributed since March 1997.


  • Commission of the European Communities: EUROBAROMETER 39. Public Opinion in the European Community. Brussels, June 1993.
  • Commission of the European Communities: The Europeans and the Family - Results of an opinion survey (Les europeens et la famille - resultats d'une enquête d'opinion). Brussels, December 1993.