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Eurobarometer 41.1     June-July 1994     ZA No.  2491

Post-European Election

Special Topics:

  • European (Post-)Election Study 1994
  • Women's voting behaviour in the European Elections 1994 (Women in decision-making bodies)
  • Citizenship, legitimacy and participation in the EU
  • Attitudes towards immigrants
  • Trust in people from other countries
  • The image of Germany in Europe
  • Social movements
  • Attitudes on Denmark and the EU (Denmark only)

Documents and Data:



  • pdf  INRA (Europe) pour la Commission Européenne:  Les femmes et l'election du parlament europeen. Bruxelles, Decembre 1994.

  • Cees van der Eijk, Mark N. Franklin Choosing Europe? The European Electorate and National Politics in the Face of Union. The University of Michigan Press. Ann Arbor, 1996 (ISBN 0-472-10357-1)

  • European Journal of Political Research. Special Issue: Political Representation in the European Parliament. Volume 32, No. 2 (October 1997)



Sample size

Fieldwork datesField-Questionnaires pdf
France100013 Jun 94 - 27 Jun 94FR
Belgium100313 Jun 94 - 30 Jun 94


Netherlands100511 Jun 94 - 02 Jul 94NL
Germany (West)108213 Jun 94 - 02 Jul 94DE_W
Italy106714 Jun 94 - 28 Jun 94IT
Luxembourg50213 Jun 94 - 08 Jul 94LU
Denmark100011 Jun 94 - 28 Jun 94DK
Ireland100013 Jun 94 - 08 Jul 94IE
Great Britain107813 Jun 94 - 07 Jul 94GB
Northern Ireland30514 Jun 94 - 30 Jun 94GB_NI
Greece100213 Jun 94 - 30 Jun 94GR
Spain100013 Jun 94 - 27 Jul 94ES
Portugal100015 Jun 94 - 04 Jul 94PT
Germany (East)105213 Jun 94 - 05 Jul 94DE_E
Questionnaire Copyright and Acknowledgements


  • RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION is documented as "Orthodox" for code '3' in the original Eurobarometer codebooks and basic questionnaires starting with survey number 32. This is not correct in the case of the NETHERLANDS. Dutch respondents have been asked for the Protestant section "Gereformeerd" in the place of "Orthodox". Corrected in the ZA codebooks for deliveries after March 16, 1999.
  • For questions Q.48a, Q.49a, and Q.50a the original INRA documentation was not clear or erroneous in the cases of Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg. The problems have been checked with the principal investigators and corrected as far as possible in the final ZA codebook edition as of April 1998.

  • Starting with Eurobarometer 34 and up to survey 61, NUTS 1 level data (REGION II) for the NETHERLANDS are not (re-)coded
    in accordance with the official EUROSTAT nomenclature of territorial unit statistics. The NUTS 2 level province ZEELAND should be
    coded as belonging to NUTS 1 region (landsdel) WEST instead of SOUTH Netherlands. (ZA editions will be corrected from EB 53 onwards, November 11, 2005)

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