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Eurobarometer 43.0 + 43.1     March-May 1995      ZA No.  2638

Drug Abuse and AIDS

Special Topics:

  • Attitudes towards and knowledge about drug abuse
  • Attitudes towards and knowledge about AIDS

Documents and Data:


  • This dataset merges the responses to identical questions on the topics "drugs" and "alcohol" plus a set of relevant demographics from the Eurobarometer surveys 43.0 (standard sample) and 43.1 (youth oversample). The original question wording is available in the framework of the 43.0 or 43.1 questionnaires.
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.0.1 (2012)
  • Errata:
    • SIZE OF COMMUNITY (P6) data for SWEDEN have been supplied with four categories, deviating from the Swedish field questionnaire (seven categories) and from Eurobarometer surveys 44 ff.

    • Starting with Eurobarometer 34 and up to survey 61, NUTS 1 level data (REGION II) for the NETHERLANDS are not (re-)coded
      in accordance with the official EUROSTAT nomenclature of territorial unit statistics. The NUTS 2 level province ZEELAND should be
      coded as belonging to NUTS 1 region (landsdel) WEST instead of SOUTH Netherlands. (ZA editions will be corrected from EB 53 onwards, November 11, 2005)

    • INCOME (D.29 / V205) data for PORTUGAL have been shifted and documentation (including the variable report) is not correct. The correct categories are as follows. Users should recode the data (9=13, 10=14) and re-define the categories in accordance. (1) Less than 60000 ESP; (2) 60001 to 90000 ESP; (3) 90001 to 120000 ESP; (4) 120001 to 150000 ESP; (5) 150001 to 200000 ESP; (6) 200001 to 250000 ESP; (7) 250001 to 300000 ESP; (8) More than 300000 ESP; (9) Refusal; (10) DK


  • INRA (Europe) pour la Commission Européenne: Les Européens et la drogue. Bruxelles, juin 1995 (ISBN/ISSN: 9282760960).