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Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer 44.3     February-April 1996     ZA No.  2829

Health Care Issues and Public Security

Special Topics:

  • Health issues (personal state, precautions, and public care)
  • Public safety issues

Documents and Data:


  • Basic sample (Q.1 to Q.5 and Q.111 to Q.155)
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.0.1 (2012)


  • European Commission, Directorate-General Unit V/F.1: Citizens and Health Systems: Main results from a Eurobarometer Survey. Luxembourg, 1998.

  • Van Dijk, Prof. Dr. J.J.M., Dr. L.G. Toornvliet: Ein Eurobarometer für öffentliche Sicherheit - Arbeiten im Vorfeld (Towards a Eurobarometer of public Safety). Bericht zur Vorlage auf dem Seminar Vorbeugung von Großstadtkriminalität im Zusammenhang mit Drogenabhängigkeit. Europäische Kommission, 21. - 22. November Brüssel. Leiden, November 1996 (also available in french).

  • European Commission, Drugs Co-ordination Unit, Directorate General for Justice and Home Affairs: Drugs and Security. Public opinion regarding security and victimisation in the EU - contact with drug related problems. Eurobarometer surveys no. 44.3 (1996) and 54.1 (2000). Brussels 2002.