Eurobarometer 46.0     October-November 1996     ZA No.  2898

Personal Health, Energy, Development, an the Common European Currency

Special Topics

  • Health and sun exposure
  • The European Currency
  • Attitudes towards energy, nuclear power and environmental problems
  • Attitudes towards aid to developing countries (Third World)
  • European citizens' rights
  • Trust in people from other countries
  • Attitudes towards other EU countries (trustworthy...)
  • The image of Italy in Europe

Documents and Data


  • Questions on attitudes towards the Single European Currency (Q.24 to Q.43) are repeated in Eurobarometer 46.1 (Q.23 to Q.42) and should be analyzed in combination.
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.0.1 (2012)


  • European Commission: EUROBAROMETER 46. Public Opinion in the European Community. Brussels, Autumn 1996.
  • INRA (Europe) for the European Commission, Directorate General XVII: European Opinion and Energy Matters 1997. Brussels, February 1997.
  • INRA (Europe) for the European Commission, Directorate General Development (DGVIII): Development Aid: Building for the Future with Public Support - Summary. Brussels, January 1997 (also available in French).
  • INRA (Europe) pour la Commission Européenne, Direction Générale V/F/2: Les Européens et le soleil. Bruxelles, Fevrier 1997.