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Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer 55.0     March-April 2001     ZA No.  3506

European Union Enlargement, the Euro, and Dialogue on Europe

Special Topics:

  • The common European currency (EURO)
  • The enlargement of the European Union
  • Information about the European Union, the dialogue with its institutions and its future (Dialogue on Europe)

Documents and Data:


  • No standard trend questions, reduced demographics
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.0.1 (2012)
  • Errata:
    • Data and documentation for Q.15a (NUTS 2 Regions benefiting from European Union enlargement) are dubious. Data for Q.15a are collapsed into three of 43 categories (plus 'missing values') and the respective country specific regions are not documented. Answer categories for open question Q.15b are not completely documented.
    • Please notice erroneous coding for basic British regions in P7_GB and accordingly in all derived variables. At least GREATER LONDON (16) and KENT (18) seem to be exchanged. This variable should only be used with caution. Data have been corrected by the Archive.
    • D.29 for ITALY: the income categories 1 to 5 are erroneous. The correct income categories in accordance with the Italian field questionnaire are: (1) up to 750.000 L; (2) 750.001-1.000.000 L; (3) 1.000.001-1.500.000 L; (4) 1.500.001-1.750.000 L; (5) 1.750.001-2.000.000 L. [ZA 06.07.05]


  • European Opinion Research Group (EORG): EUROBAROMETER 2001 – SPECIAL EDITION. Survey carried out for the European Commission's Representations in the Member States. National Highlights. Brussels. June 2001 (also available in French).