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Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer 56.1     September-October 2001     ZA No.  3626

Social Exclusion and Modernization of Pension Systems

Special Topics:

  • Social exclusion, employment conditions and unemployment 
  • Reform on the pensions 

Documents and Data:


  • No standard trend questions, reduced demographics
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v2.0.0 (2012)
    This new dataset adds data from Norway collected in a parallel survey
    conducted by TNS Gallup Institute AS, Oslo, on behalf of the Norwegian Social Science Data Services [NSD0939], Bergen.


  • Duncan Gallie and Serge Paugam: Social Precarity and Social Integration. Report for the European Commission based on Eurobarometer 56.1. Brussels. October 2002. [Note: Technical annex 2 of this report includes information on response rates.]

  • European Opinion Research Group (EORG): Special Eurobarometer 161 / Wave 56.1. The Future of Pension Systems. This survey was requested by the Directorate-General Employment and Social Affairs and coordinated by Directorate-General Press and Communication (European Commission). Brussels. January 2004.