Eurobarometer 75.1EP     February-March 2011     ZA No. 5526

Women in the European Union

Special Topics

  • European Parliament: Women in the European Union - women and work, women in politics, measures regarding violence against women (QA1 to QA15)   

Documents and Data


  • Original data set and documentation supplied by TNS opinion
  • No standard EU and trend questions included.
  • The Eurobarometer 75.1 European Parliament (EP) question module QA1 to QA15 is made available in this dataset with a reduced number respondents for BELGIUM (n=913). The reason for this reduced effective sample size was the duration of fieldwork in Belgium and the given time frame for the official reporting. All other questionnaire modules (QA15 to QA21 and QB to QE) are available in a second dataset [ZA5479] which includes the entire sample for Belgium (n=1025).
  • Current archive dataset version / update: archive edition v2.0.0, 2013-06-14, doi:10.4232/1.11645 


  • Directorate General for Communication Direction C - Relations with citizens, Public Opinion Monitoring Unit: Eurobarometer special (EB 75.1) "100th anniversary of Women's day: Fighting against gender discriminations in the EU", Brussels, March 2011.