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Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer 75.3    May 2011     ZA No. 5481

Europe 2020, Financial and Economic Crisis, European Union Budget, and the Common Agricultural Policy

Special Topics:

  • Standard trend and EU core questions (QA1 to QA23)
  • Economic governance in the EU / "Europe 2020" (QB1 to QB10)
  • The financial and economic crisis (QC1 to QC11)
  • EU budget - knowledge, preferences, assessment (QD1 to QD4)
  • The Common Agricultural Policy (QE1 to QE6)

Documents and Data:


  • Original data set and documentation supplied by TNS opinion
  • Modules QA to QC largely replicate Standard Eurobarometer 74.2. 
  • Please notice the Eurobarometer qualitative study about the well-being of Europeans in eight selected countries (Estonia, Germany, Greece, France, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the UK) conducted in March/April 2011.
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v2.0.1, 25.02.2014, archive edition, doi:10.4232/1.11852


  • TNS Opinion & Social: Standard Eurobarometer 75. Public Opinion in the European Union. This survey was requested and coordinated by the Directorate-General for Communication. Brussels, August 2011 [Full reports and annexes]
  • TNS Opinion & Social: Special Eurobarometer 368 / Wave 75.3: The Common Agricultural Poliy. Survey requested by the Directorate-General Agriculture and Rural Development and coordinated by the Directorate-General for Communication ('Research and Speechwriting' Unit), Brussels, September 2011.