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Eurobarometer 96.3   January-February 2022     ZA No. 7848

Please note that this Eurobarometer wave was collected during the Coronavirus pandemic. It therefore deviates from previous Eurobarometer waves in several aspects, including the mode of data collection, the presence resp. formulation of certain demographic and interview protocol variables, and the source materials delivered to the archive. For further details on the mode of data collection please refer to the Technical Specifications in the basic bilingual questionnaire.

The variable names of the demographic items have been adjusted to the series standard.


Special Topics:

  • Standard trend questions (QA)
  • The EU and the Coronavirus pandemic (QA)
  • Europeans' priorities (QB)
  • European citizenship (QC)
  • Media use and political information (QD)

Documents and Data:


  • Original data set and documentation supplied by Kantar Public
  • Question Modules QA to QD in the standard Eurobarometer context and largely replicating questions asked in the context of Eurobarometer 95.3 (ZA7783) and Eurobarometer 94.3 (ZA7780).
  • The variable names of the standard demography variables have been changed according to the usual Eurobarometer nomenclature.
  • Current data set version: archive pre-release, v1.0.0 as of 2022-10-06, doi:10.4232/1.13908


  • European Commission:
    Standard Eurobarometer 96. Public Opinion in the European Union. Survey requested by the European Commission, requested and co-ordinated by Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM Unit ‘Media monitoring and Eurobarometer’).