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Anthology on care work and gender in the digital transformation published

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Mara Kastein / Lena Weber (Eds.): Care-Arbeit und Gender in der digitalen Transformation Arbeit und Fürsorge in der digitalen Transformation, Reihe: Arbeitsgesellschaft im Wandel 2022, 220 Seiten broschiert, € 24,00, ISBN 978-3-7799-6739-2, also available as E-Book

Dr. Lena Weber, Director of CEWS, is one of the editors of the anthology, which deals with the mutual tension between digitalized gainful employment, care activities and gender relations.

While caring still has a female connotation and women still take on the majority of care work in the private sphere, digital technologies tend to have a male connotation and the world of work is androcentric.

The volume contains contributions by 23 authors on the following questions:  How do gender arrangements change when digital technologies dissolve employment relationships and care activities are fundamentally changed by digital technologies? How does the perspective on care work and the gender division of labor change when the understanding of care is interpreted more broadly?

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