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Black History Month - New information in the "Links@CEWS" database

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Since the 1970s, Black History Month has been celebrated in the U.S. every February with the goal of highlighting both the achievements and the suffering of black people. The theme for Black History Month in the U.S. is always chosen by ASALH (2023: Black Resistance). The origins of the commemorative month date back to the 1920s. For history, see also:

In the meantime, Black History Month is celebrated worldwide. In Germany, it was established in the early 1990s, thanks to the suggestion of the Berlin poet and activist May Ayim (1960-1996; see also and the Initiative Black People in Germany. Since then, associations, NGOs, cultural venues, and other actors have organized various events such as exhibitions, discussions, concerts, film and dance performances, and workshops (see

There are also events at some German universities, for example in Bamberg, Rostock or Marburg.

CEWS took Black History Month as an opportunity to research BIPoC advocacy groups as well as contact persons for (anti)racism in science and make them available in the Links@CEWS database. They have been assigned to the category "Antidiscrimination/Diversity".

We would be pleased to receive information if contact points or advocacy groups have not been included.