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Current issue of "methods, data, analyses" published!

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methods, data, analyses, Vol 17, No 2 (2023)

The second issue of mda this year contains four research reports and two field reports that address a wide range of survey methodology topics.

Frederick Conrad and colleagues address the use of video technology for survey research and present results from a related survey. The quality of nonprobability samples in the context of Australian surveys is addressed by Sebastian Kocar and Bernard Baffour.

Zaza Zindal provides a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of using social media to recruit participants in online surveys. In the fourth research paper, Henning Silber and his colleagues look at the role of public opinion research in the democratic process.

Franzika Locher et al.'s research note focuses on the use of a smartphone app to measure students' reading behavior. Natalia Waechter and her colleagues present the challenges in sampling and fieldwork that an international comparative survey of students faced and provide derived guidance for planning future similar studies.

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