Data for comparative analysis over space and time - introducing the new Survey Data Curation (SDC) department

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Cross-sectional data from surveys provide current and past insights into social states. However, things get really exciting when data from different surveys and other data sources are combined, allowing comparative analyses over space and time.

Creating harmonized data requires detailed knowledge and some effort to ensure that apples are not later compared with oranges. The new Survey Data Curation department, created from the former GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences department, combines many years of expertise in curating and enriching large national and international survey programs. Their know-how flows into multilingual data versions with rich domain-specific metadata and documentation. The analytical potential of the data is also strengthened by links to digital behavioral data and geospatial formats. 

Curated data include long-term national (e.g. ALLBUS, GLES, Politbarometer, FReDA) and international (e.g. ISSP, EVS, CSES, Eurobarometer) survey programs with a wide range of users.  

By the way: On the occasion of our anniversary "40 years of the General Population Survey of the Social Sciences" we invite you to our exciting lecture series.

More information can be found on our department page