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GLES publishes data from population survey around 2021 German federal election

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GLES Querschnitt 2021, Vorwahl (ZA7700) published

The GLES cross-section is a population survey based on a probabilistic sample that was conducted before and after the 2021 federal election. The GLES Cross-Section can be used to study political attitudes, preferences, and voting intentions or decisions.

In addition, the 2021 GLES Rolling Cross-Section (ZA7703) will be released on Dec. 6. The GLES Rolling Cross-Section is a population survey conducted as a rolling cross-section prior to the 2021 general election. The RCS allows for analysis of election dynamics on a daily basis. Conducting a post-election panel wave also allows for the examination of intra-individual changes over the course of the campaign.

Data access Querschnitt:

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