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Infotainment event in Cologne with GESIS participation - "Wissenschaft in Kölner Häusern"

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From May 16-19, the event series ""Wissenschaft in Kölner Häusern (Science in Cologne Houses)" will take place. Impulse lectures and discussions will be held at various locations in Cologne [only in German]. The selection of topics is diverse and ranges from "Tinder or Dance Tea - An Experiment" to "Recycling Bicycle Tubes" and the GESIS contribution "Gender Data Gap: Gaps with Consequences".

The latter event will take place with the participation of Prof. Dr. Ingvill C. Mochmann on May 18, 6:00 p.m., at the HvB Gymnasium. In keynote speeches and intergenerational discussions, the participants will address the following questions: What is the significance for the equality of men and women if data for half of the population - the female sex - is missing or if collected data is not gender-sensitive? Where and why do such gender-sensitive data gaps exist and what do they mean in our knowledge society? How does this in turn influence which social issues are on the political and scientific agenda and which fields of action are prioritized?

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