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Launch of the GESIS Blog

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With the GESIS Blog, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences publishes an excellent platform for presenting social science topics to the general public. The blog provides interesting content, easy to understand but profound, to make a simple yet well-founded view of the world of the social sciences possible.

The goal of the GESIS blog is to make the content, research results, publications, offers, services, research topics, etc. from the social sciences better known, more visible and more accessible at the interface of knowledge transfer and science communication. The blog deals with survey methodology content as well as digital behavioral data and current social issues, deals with research data management, open science, social media analysis and more. It is aimed at the general public interested in science. The articles will be published sometimes in German, sometimes in English.

The blog will be launched with three articles and will regularly provide new content in the coming weeks and months:

  • Interaction and Infection - Simulating non-pharmaceutical inventions against the spread of a viral disease from a social science perspective, by Dr. Dominik Klein, Prof. Dr. Johannes Marx, Daniel Mayerhoffer, and Dr. Jürgen Sirsch
  • It’s not easy to spot disinformation on Twitter. Here’s what we learned from 8 political ‘astroturfing’ campaigns, by Dr. Sebastian Stier, Dr. Franziska Keller, Dr. David Schoch, and JungHwan Yang 
  • It’s Not Such ‘A Fair Way Off’ to Process Open Data: Facing Requirements on Open Access and the FAIR Data Principles, by Dr. Sebastian Netscher

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