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mda Special Issue 2/2018: Comparative Survey Analysis: Models, techniques and applications

Guest Editors: Bart Meuleman (University of Leuven), Eldad Davidov (University of Cologne and University of Zurich) and Daniel Seddig (University of Cologne and University of Zurich)

The use of comparative data is of paramount importance for the understanding of societies and their change patterns. Fortunately, social researchers today are equipped more than ever with a large number of national, international and longitudinal comparative survey data, some of which contain repeated cross-sectional data whereas others include panel data. However, comparative data is often characterized by a high level of complexity. The presence of multiple countries or time points can lead to complicated data structures that offer great opportunities for research, but also require special methods of analysis. This special issue of mda is devoted to studies that demonstrate advanced techniques for analyzing comparative survey data and present applications of comparative analysis on a diverse range of topics. The special issue includes five studies. Some analyze comparative cross-sectional data, and others examine longitudinal data or a combination of both types of data.

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