Meet the Experts: Best practice methods in survey research

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The new one-hour online series "Meet the Experts" (Thursdays, 1-2 p.m.) provides an overview of different procedures and best practice methods of survey research to help you achieve the best possible data quality. After a short keynote speech, our survey methodology experts will be available for further discussion and to answer questions [only in German]

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Dates in January and February:

14.01.2021 Kognitive Interviews und ihre praktische Durchführung. Dr. Timo Lenzner


Selbstadministrierte Mixed-Mode-Befragungen: Die Zukunft der Datenerhebung?, Dr. Sven Stadtmüller und Dr. Henning Silber


Effiziente Harmonisierung von Umfrageskalen, Dr. Ranjit K. Singh


Entwicklung eines Fragebogens, Prof. Dr. Michael Braun & Dr. Jette Schröder