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Measurement instruments on MISS – the new open-access journal for the social science

The better an instrument, the better the representation of reality.”

Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences (MISS) is an interdisciplinary open access journal for the social sciences. It is set up to improve the quality of the measures used in social sciences and is devoted to publish open access measurement instruments intended for scientific use across various disciplines (e.g. sociology, psychology, political science and other social sciences).

Empirical social science is built on data which is assessed through measurement instruments. To get credible data and results, researchers need to rely on high-quality measures. Furthermore, measurement instruments need to be efficient as most surveys representing the general population are not compulsory and are expensive.

MISS is published with BMC and affiliated with GESIS.

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In the article of the BMC-blog, Editor-in-Chief Beatrice Rammstedt and the Associate Editor Matthias Bluemke from GESIS tell us more about their vision of this new journal.