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Methodological Consulting on harmonizing substantive instruments

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How can data from different surveys be combined to allow for joint analyses? How can results measured with different instruments be compared? How can time series be healed after an instrument has been modified? All these use cases have in common that measurements of the same concept but with different question wording or response scales must be made comparable.

GESIS now supports you in that endeavor with methodological consulting on how to harmonize substantive variables measured with different instruments, in addition to our established consulting on socio-structural variables. A special added value lies in harmonizing latent constructs such as values, attitudes, or personality traits. However, we also consult on manifest concepts, such as behavior or factual questions.

We now consult on:

  • Assessing the comparability of different instruments.
  • Weighing the potential consequences of a lack of comparability.
  • Harmonizing substantive variables measured with different instruments; especially latent constructs.

For further information, visit our new page on harmonizing substantive instruments.