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New blog post about the controversial debate surrounding AstraZeneca which might influence vaccine recommendations

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Jan Priebe, Henning Silber, Christoph Beuthner, Steffen Pötzschke, Bernd Weiß und Jessica Daikeler: Wie die AstraZeneca-Kontroverse die COVID-19 Impfempfehlungen von medizinischen Fachkräften beeinflusst [in German]

Health professionals can make an important contribution to increasing COVID-19 vaccination uptake through their opinions and recommendations. The extent to which health professionals recommend COVID-19 vaccination, which vaccine they prefer, and the extent to which their vaccination recommendations are influenced by public debates has not yet been explored in detail. To shed light on these questions, we implemented an information processing experiment in an online survey. The results suggest that the sometimes controversial debate surrounding AstraZeneca influence vaccine recommendations. Because the efficient implementation of a vaccination campaign depends on the acceptance of different vaccines, the AstraZeneca controversy may have slowed vaccination progress in Germany.

An earlier version of this post was published in English on June 7, 2021, under the title “How German health workers’ views on vaccine safety can be swayed by the AstraZeneca controversy” on the LSE COVID-19 blog at the London School of Economics.

DOI: 10.34879/gesisblog.2021.46